Pete Bobb's 1st Class Photography
Individual Portraits/Graduation       $50 -100                      $100 - $350
Family Photography                           $100 - $150                 $250 - $700
Wedding Photography                        $200 - $600               $700 - $2500
One size does not fit all!

Some photographers offer a free sitting, and earn their money by selling high-priced prints.  I do not discount my
photography services or sitting prices with the plan to make money by selling overpriced prints at 300-500%
So you decide - Do you want to pay for the photographer's art and skill, or for expensive prints without negatives?

Contrary to common industry practice, I provide every client with full resolution digital 'negatives' which may be
used to make an unlimited number of prints for the personal use of your friends and family.
You chose how many personal prints to make, how large to make the prints, when to make the prints, etc.
I offer advise on making prints to any client who wants to make their own prints.
The digital negatives are high resolution to allow you chose the size of the personal prints you make - from a large
'Over the Fireplace' down to small 'Photo Album' size.
Price for photography depends on a variety of factors which include location, how many hours of photography are
performed, number of models, digital special effects requested, and how you chose to receive your photo's;
i.e. downloading digital image vs. receiving framed prints vs. albums containing matted prints ready for framing.
Prints on canvas cost more than prints on paper.
Because everyone's needs are different, contact me to discuss your project.
“How can I stay at the lower part of the range?”
“So what are typical price
1)  Friday evenings and Saturday afternoons are the busiest times for photographers.
If you can have your photos taken during off-peak hours, such as Monday afternoon or Tuesday evening, you will save money and will
probably be able to get an appointment quicker.

2) If you are comfortable making your own photo prints, you will stay near the lower part of the price range.
You receive all the digital negatives whether or not you order any prints.
You can e-mail these to family and friends so they can see your photos on their computers or make their own prints.
(Note: Unlimited personal prints may be made by the client, family, and friends, however commercial rights are reserved.)
I will also be happy to provide unframed paper prints to you.
I use only Fuji Crystal Archive paper for paper prints.

Size                                      Price per Print
8 x 10"                                         $3.99
11 x 14"                                        $9.99
16 x 20"                                     $24.99
20 x 30"                                     $31.99

1st Class Photo is pleased to offer you our new line of heirloom pieces of art!

Your portrait will be printed on museum-quality canvas and hand stretched onto a custom-built 5/8" or 1.5” thick wooden frame.  
The portrait will be gallery-wrapped, continuing around the sides of the frame for a beautiful print, ready to hang on your wall.
No additional custom framing is needed.

Your print is made with the highest quality, archival inks that will not fade or discolor for at least 75 years.
Your print can be your choice of a matte or gloss-type finish.

In addition to our standard sizes, we can produce any size you desire up to 60 x 100”.
Please ask about custom sizes and shapes, whether it is square or rectangle shape.  
Our canvas prints are perfect for filling any large wall space in your home.
We guarantee the print will be very sharp even at the largest size you can imagine.

•        All canvas prints will not fade or have color shifts for over 75 years
•        All prints are stretched by hand
•        Any size, any shape. From 8 x 10” to 60 x 100"
•        Images will be very sharp, even at larger sizes
•        Hang with or without frame. If you are planning to frame your prints, the 5/8" frame usually provides better results.

Care for Canvas Prints

•        Prints can be wiped with a slightly damp, clean, chemical-free cloth
•        For optimum longevity, keep out of direct sunlight.
•        Don’t place stretched prints too close to direct heat or areas with high variations in temperature.
•        Canvas can be tightened if it becomes loose. You can purchase canvas retentioner at many craft stores or on the internet.
       It can be sprayed on the BACK of the canvas and allowed to dry overnight.
•        Touch-up: You can touch-up small spots in the canvas with thin-tipped markers if your canvas gets scratched or damaged.  
      Be very careful when touching-up specks. Artists may also use paint to touch-up small blemishes if needed.
 E-mail us with any questions about caring for your canvas.

Stretched Canvas Gallery Wrapped on 5/8" and 1.5" thick frame
(Actual Print on 1.5 " thick frame is 3" larger in both dimensions than the face size, an extra 1.5" is seen on each of the sides of the frame.
So, for example, a 15 x 15" print has a 12 x 12" face size.
Actual Print on 5/8 " thick frame is 1.25" larger in both dimensions than the face size, an extra 5/8" is seen on each of the sides of the frame.
So, for example, a 13.5 x 13.5" print has a 12 x 12" face size))

FACE SIZE                  5/8" frame                  1.5" frame

8 x 10”                           $60.00                          $72.00
8 x 12”                           $64.00                          $76.00
11 x 11”                           $64.00                          $80.00

11 x 14”                         $76.00                           $88.00
11 x 16”                         $80.00                           $92.00
12 x 16”                        $84.00                           $96.00

12 x 18”                        $88.00                           $104.00
14 x 18”                        $100.00                          $118.00
16 x 16”                        $100.00                          $118.00

16 x 20”                        $104.00                         $120.00
16 x 24”                        $120.00                         $138.00
18 x 24”                        $128.00                         $144.00

20 x 20”                        $120.00                        $138.00
20 x 24”                        $136.00                        $160.00

Buy One,  Get One 25% Off
Buy one canvas print at the regular price and get 25% off a second, equal or lesser priced canvas print.         
Prices include all labor and shipping costs

Please ask about pricing for other sizes.

Canvas Prints are special ordered after reviewing proofs and will be reprinted if they contain defects.
No other guarantee applies to Canvas Prints.
Pay for the Photographer, not for expensive prints!
Negatives only           With Prints